Quick Stats:

Length - 16.00 in. [40.60 cm.]

Height - 9.00 in.[22.90 cm.]


Quick Stats:

Diameter- 14.00 in.[35.60 cm.]


Quick Stats:

Length - 12.00 in.[30.50 cm.]


Quick Stats:

Model Length - 6in [15.24cm]

Stick Length - 12in, 15in, or 18in.


Custom Model Specials

Take a look at some special custom models that we’ve handcrafted for our clients. The ‘specials' category of our gallery is dedicated to models other than our traditional aircraft models. They include model planes fashioned as book ends, military or civilian wall plaques, military desk name stands and briefing stick aircraft models for pilot training. As with our traditional aircraft models, all of these models are hand carved from solid renewable mahogany and almost entirely hand painted. If you don’t see what you want in the examples below, please Contact us to discuss your ideas.


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