Quick Stats:

Length - 15.70 in.[39.90 cm.]

Span - 17.00 in.[43.20 cm.]

Scale - 1:110


Quick Stats:

Length - 12.00 in.[30.50 cm.]

Span - 7.70 in.[19.60 cm.]

Scale - 1:122


Quick Stats:

Length - 16.50 in.[41.90 cm.]

Span - 8.50 in.[21.60 cm.]


Quick Stats:

Length - 14.00 in.[35.60 cm.]

Span - 11.80 in.[30.00 cm.]

Scale - 1:198


Custom Model Spacecraft

Featured below is a small selection of spacecraft models that we’ve handcrafted for clients. Our model spacecraft are custom made by master craftsmen, one at a time, to your specifications. We do not hold generic spacecraft models in stock. Our spacecraft replicas are extremely detailed and perfectly scaled. We can make any type and size of spacecraft model. If we haven’t made a model of a particular spacecraft type before, we will acquire scaled blueprints and use digital photographs from stock sources. Make your NASA dreams come true! Just send us your requirements via our Quote form and we’ll take care of the rest.


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