The Production Process of a Custom Made Wooden Model Aircraft

Below is a description of the many stages involved in the production of a bespoke hand crafted wooden aircraft replica. Master craftsmen and gifted artists require many years of experience to perfect this highly skilled art form. The wood used is Philippine mahogany which is obtained from sustainable sources and kiln dried before use.

Line Drawing Stage

Scaled line drawings of the aircraft are prepared and printed out for use by master craftsmen, to ensure that the finished product is an exact scale replica of the original aircraft.

Carving Stage

With the aid of the scaled line drawings master craftsmen, using only hand tools, carve the mahogany to form the aircraft model shape.

Putty & Primer Stage

Several coats of putty are applied to the model aircraft after which a coat of primer is applied to seal the wood.

Water Sanding Stage

The aircraft replicas are sanded down using sand paper and water to create a very smooth flawless finish prior to painting.

Base Coat Stage

The base coat (main colour) is then applied to the aircraft model.

Artistry Stage

Colour schemes including registrations and markings are applied by hand or air brush to the model aircraft by artists using photos from stock sources or supplied by the customer. No detail is spared! To provide a quality custom finish, high quality acrylic paint is used.

Decal Stage

Decals are used if necessary to capture names, markings or logos etc. that are too small for the artist to apply by brush to the aircraft replica.

Detailing Stage

Intricate details such as antennas, probes, cables, props, fan blades etc are added to the aircraft model. Where it would be impractical to use mahogany some of these parts are made from a variety of woods, putty, resin and metals.

Final Coat Stage

After photo approval by the customer several coats of protective sealant are applied on top of the paint finish. Depending on the model aircraft type, a gloss, semi gloss or matt (flat) finish can be achieved.

Packing Stage

The aircraft replica is then packed in a tailor made box with foam inserts to give maximum protection throughout it’s journey. It is then shipped by international courier and insured for customer protection.

Quality Control

Quality Control checks are carried out not only when the airplane model is complete but at every stage of production from line drawing through to shipping to ensure all aspects of the model airplane meet our stringent requirements.

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